Crypto Contract Scam Crypto Exchange: Logo Stolen From Legitimate Site

Bitbo VIP is a well-designed yet fake crypto platform that’s used to convince people to part with their cash after being promised huge, guaranteed investment returns.

Despite its impressive design, not usually seen in crypto scams of this nature, the site is nothing but a front for fraudsters and offers no genuine functionality.

The person who contacted Chargebackpros about Bitbo VIP had been approached by a stranger on social media who struck up a relationship with them.

Soon though the conversation turned to investing, and the victim was urged to plow money into the Bitbo VIP platform, only realizing it was a scam after it was too late.

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Bitbo VIP scam red flags

Scratch beneath the surface and it soon becomes obvious that Bitbo VIP is a scam site.

Some of the giveaways include:

  • The domain name is very new – a sign that it could be a scam platform, especially as the registrant’s details have been redacted.
  • There are no reviews of this platform online – a legitimate site would be talked about.
  • The site name is very similar to a legitimate crypto price platform called Scammers often try to imitate legitimate sites to fool victims.
  • There is none of the expected corporate information on the website, such as details about the management team, regulatory statements, company registration documents or support details.
  • Many of the links don’t lead to the page they purport to and instead redirect to a sign-up/log-in page. This is not the behavior you’d find on a legitimate platform.
  • A lot of the content doesn’t make sense and is grammatically incorrect in places.
  • The exaggerated claim of being ‘The most trusted trading platform’ is a telltale sign that this is a scam, especially given the newness of the domain.
  • There are no social media channels associated with the platform or official apps.
  • The apps which the platform claims to offer are not available via one of the official stores. Instead, they are direct downloads via QR code which is highly suspicious.
  • The platform has a Domain Authority (DA) score of 1 which indicates that the site has no inbound links and very little traffic. This would not be the case if, as the platform claims, it has 10 million active users.
  • The platform at times claims to have been established in 2013, yet another part of the site states it was set up in 2018. This inconsistency is another reason to suspect BitBo vip is a scam site.

I’ve been scammed by Bitbo VIP – is there anything I can do?

If you’ve lost money to this scam, you report it to the police and fraud agencies where you live.

But the chances of getting your money back are slim, so be realistic about what this will achieve.

Also, there are private companies that might be able to help which I’ve written about here.

If you suspect a site is fake, get in touch.

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