4 Reasons Why You Must Have A Digital Executor For Your Crypto
The person who contacted Chargebackpros about the Jetcostonline fake platform first received an unsolicited message via Telegram about paid online work writing reviews for hotels.

The scammers claimed they were offering a pay the individual for giving star ratings and adding a pre-written review to hotel listings that were featured in the Jetcostonline app.

How does the Jetcostonline scam work?

This is how the scam developed in the victim’s own words:

“An ‘agent’ contacted me to teach me how to do the tasks and show me how to use Binance and how to make deposits and withdrawals.

There are sets of 3 x 35 tasks to do in a day. I did a trial with him with the first 35 tasks and I earned approx 17USDT and he asked me to withdraw it to my Binance account… and it works!

Now, to do the next 35 tasks I need to deposit £50 into their website/platform to release the next 35 tasks. They also give an £18 deposit bonus.

Now I am not so sure whether this is real, but after some time I thought I could only lose £50-the 17USDT. So, I took the risk and did the £50 deposit. And that also worked and I completed all tasks and earned a total of approx £44 including the £18 bonus.

So, now I am thinking this is all real and tried again for the next couple of days and I actually made a profit of approx £380 and deposited it all in my Binance account.

When you do these tasks, you get random “premium tasks” that pay a lot more. When you get the premium task, it will need you to deposit more money into the platform to release the task… and that’s how the scam goes.

You will get higher and higher premium tasks and you will need to keep depositing more USDT to release your own cash.

It will reach a point where you cannot afford to deposit anymore and you have to stop. They will push and push you to complete the tasks to say that you are nearly there, you can withdraw all your money after you finish the tasks, your crypto and your “commission” is now stuck on their platform.”

Of course, the commission doesn’t really exist and the tasks are completely fake and designed to draw unsuspecting victims into the scam.

How can I tell Jetcostonline is a scam?

The Jetcostonline work for crypto scam is very similar to many other sites of this nature, some of which claim to be part of TripAdvisor, yet have no connection to the legitimate travel review site of the same name.

Visiting the Jetcostonline website reveals a poorly designed page with little to no content or information.

There is no functionality, no social media channels, and no links to any official apps.

The other giveaway that this platform is a scam is the fact that the domain name is very new and the people who’ve registered it have deliberately hidden their details.

Jetcostonline should be avoided at all costs.

It’s a fake site that isn’t legitimate in any way and will only lead to you losing any money or crypto that you deposit here.

Can I get my money back from the Jetcostonline scam?

Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to get your money back, but it’s still worth reporting the scam to your local authorities.

There are private companies that might be able to help you track down your missing cash or crypto that I’ve written about here.

If you suspect a site is fake, get in touch.

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